Paleros Yacht Services Paleros Yacht Services
tel: (+30) 26450 29117
fax: (+30) 26450 23765
Lefkas Marina, 31100 Lefkada GR

Our Bases


Call out Services (Breakdown Service)

Were ever you are, Paleros Yacht Services will assist you.

Our services are available to anyone who needs assistance on the water. We supply our support with breakdown ribs and breakdown cars.
Just call our emergency telephone line and we will assist you

An example of our services:
 •  Mechanical and electrical repairs
 •  Jumpstart, when the engine does not start and batteries are “flat”
 •  Disengaging of lines from the propeller, remove ropes from the shafts and stern gear
 •  Towing in case of a light touching of the ground, if the vessel is not more than 10cm above normal waterline out of the water and is seaworthy after being set free from the incident it is treated as a minor ground contact. All done by our own diver.
 •  Towing to the next service facility or crane/travel lift
 •  Delivery of spare parts, the requested parts to the position (impeller, belt, thermostat, water pump, etc) The hotline will try to organize the requested parts as quickly as possible
 •  Fuel Service, we will deliver up to 50 litre of fuel (petrol or diesel) to the emergency position
 •  Fuel problems repair
 •  Emergency transport for crew 24h. Every crew member will be collected and transported from the vessel to the next port. Our captains will in the meantime organise the required rescue services

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