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PYS have sailing yachts ranging form 30 feet to 55 feet including:

 •  Bavaria
 •  Jeanneau
 •  Beneteau
 •  Gib Sea
 •  Dufour



In addition to offering boat owners a full spectrum of services to help keep private yachts in top condition, Paleros Yacht Services also provide Chartering Services and are affiliated with a number of Chartering companies.

Choose from chartering a yacht in a variety of different ways ie.

A bareboat is a yacht one can charter and sail oneself. The "bare" part just means "no crew". A bareboat charter is an arrangement for the hiring of a boat, whereby no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement. The nominated skipper must be experienced in all aspects of boat handling, navigation and have knowledge of the collision regulations. The skipper takes full liability for the safety of the crew and the vessel.

A qualified skipper is hired together with the vessel and they are responsible for both your safety and the safety of the yacht. One crewmember must have previous knowledge, as assistance with certain boat handling duties may be required.
Yourselves or the skipper can choose the itinerary; provisions can either be provided by the company or supplied by yourselves.

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