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Paleros Yacht Services

PYS is cooperate with a number of yacht manufacturers, including:
 •  Shipman
 •  Skagen
 •  Greenline
 •  SunSeeker
 •  Azimut
 •  Oyster
 •  Swan
 •  Ferretti
 •  Bavaria
 •  Dufour
 •  Jeanneau
 •  Beneteau

as well as marine engine manufacturers such as:
 •  Volvo
 •  Yanmar
 •  Honda
 •  Suzuki
 •  Vetus
 •  Perkins

Paleros Yacht Services Paleros Yacht Services
Paleros Yacht Services Paleros Yacht Services
Paleros Yacht Services Paleros Yacht Services
Paleros Yacht Services Paleros Yacht Services
Paleros Yacht Services Paleros Yacht Services
Paleros Yacht Services Paleros Yacht Services

Repairs & maintenance

PYS undertake routine maintenance and servicing work as well as major refits, engine replacement, insurance jobs etc. Some of the services which PYS are able to provide are as follows.

 •  General servicing and maintenance
 •  Winterization and Spring commissioning
 •  Supplying parts and spares
 •  Engine replacement and repair
 •  Engine and Generator Maintenance
 •  Outboard service and repairs
 •  Major Mechanical Repair
 •  Fuel System Maintenance
 •  Oil and Fuel Filter Changes
 •  Engine Room Cleaning
 •  Bilge Cleaning and Detailing
 •  Electrical maintenance
 •  Electrical Installations and Repairs
 •  Battery Maintenance and Replacement
 •  Mast and Rigging
 •  Air Conditioning Installation and Repair
 •  Refrigeration Installation and Repair
   •  Plumbing and Pump Repair
 •  GRP Repairs and Epoxy Repairs
 •  Osmosis Repair and Prevention Treatment
 •  Spray painting and Paint work
 •  Polishing and Waxing
 •  Wash and Detail
 •  Interior Cleaning and Detailing
 •  Varnishing and Teak Work
 •  Canvas, Sails, Bimini, Sprayhood Repair
     and Manufacture
 •  Upholstery cleaning
 •  Bottom Cleaning
 •  Antifouling
 •  Safety Equipment Inspection and Service
 •  Provisioning
 •  Dock and Lift Repair
 •  Warranty Repairs


In your absence, PYS will be carefully safeguarding your investment.
Boatsmen will check up on your yacht on a regular basis and monitor all the vital systems.
Below is a comprehensive list of services included in our guardianage program.
Additionally, PYS can tailor a program to suit every yacht owners requirements.

PYS GUARDIANAGE PROGRAMS includes: (for example)
 •  Inspection of mooring and stern lines (daily)
 •  Periodically checking for water in bilges and engine
 •  Checking for leakages
 •  Running of engine or engines every 15 days
 •  Charging of batteries
 •  Checking/securing of all covers
 •  V entilation of vessel every 15 days (weather permitting)
 •  Checking of electrical installation
 •  Cleaning/washing of deck prior the arrival of owner/guests

Select one of our Bronze, Silver or Gold programs, or make your own.


As the sailing season comes to an end it is time for all yacht owners to start thinking about protecting their investment. A wet winter can lead to damage that can ruin the excitement of launching next spring so properly winterising a yacht takes on special significance and can assure a trouble free launch. For yacht owners who wish to have their yacht prepared for the winter PYS are pleased to offer their winterisation services. Works undertaken include:
 •  Power wash underwater ship, propeller & shaft
 •  Engine winter service
 •  Generator winter service
 •  Outboard winter service
 •  Fuel tank top up
 •  Sail removal, folding and storage
 •  Internal textile items removal and storage
 •  General yacht Lay-up

and any other necessary tasks before covering the yacht with the appropriate winter covers or weather proof tarpaulin cover for the winter months. Whether your yacht is a motor cruiser, a small sailing dinghy or a classic sailing boat, you can be sure that the PYS team are dedicated to making your entire yachting experience hassle free and have the necessary experience to prepare and look after your boat safely over the winter months.

(A more comprehensive Winterisation service list to be added to this webpage shortly)


When the winter is over and the sailing season is fast approaching PYS can prepare your yacht for the new season.
Whether it’s renewing the anti-fouling, GRP polishing, servicing the engine, undertaking a safety inspection or just a general inspection, cleaning inside out, top to bottom or basic maintenance, PYS have all the resources required to have your yacht back on the water and ready to set sail for a new season of adventure and relaxation.

(A more comprehensive Spring Commissioning service list to be added to this webpage shortly)

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